The Rose of Education

The Virtual Mentor Machine (Trademark pending) software is being designed to give the busy entrepreneur, professional and business owner; who already provides mentoring advice, instruction and coaching, in person, or on the phone, the ability to 'virtually' reach out, through their websites, blogs and other social media profiles and networks; and help many more individuals, in any locale, especially in under-served communities, than they could on their own.

The software will automate the process of matching an individual and their full demographic profile (i.e. family, community, education, employment, lifestyle, etc), and pulling then delivering the targeted advice, instruction and other helpful information, from every Mentor they might need. It will recommend a Virtual Mentor(s) from the member profiles and provide an ideal match for the individual.

It will also include a component which gives a brief background on the Mentor(s) to help establish the information's relevant application and build rapport.

The Virtual Mentor Machine will operate as a cloud, server, internet and wireless communications, social networking and database software that will connect a Mentor's positive, socially responsible and holistic instruction and advice, with an individual 24 x 7.

The commercial objective is to develop a voice interactive application that is able to design a Virtual Mentor from millions of member profiles, and create a match for any individual - on any enabled device - anywhere.

The Rose of Education Organization, Inc.