The Rose of Education

The Rose B.U.D. Nano-Investment Portfolio (Businesses Under Developmentment) is a micro-investment vehicle that gives average consumers the opportunity to invest and receive an equity share (.0001 - .10% or greater) in a Funding Stage company, for a small amount.

Similar to the micro-lending industry and modeled after a person's own share percentage of stock purchased through their 401K, ROTHs, IRA and other such retirement vehicles; a .001% share purchased for $10 will net a return of $100, for a company whose valuation is only $10,000,000.

The same $10 investment will increase to $1000, for a company valuation of $100 million.

Our goal is to help even those who are impoverished and overlooked to become Shareholders, instead of modern day 'share croppers'; all for the price of a couple of Lottery tickets

The Rose of Education Organization, Inc.