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REAAL is a fun and innovative Positive Language game for young and old, to help teach reading, writing, spelling, speaking, language comprehension and vocabulary skills. The Acronym stands for: Reactive Educational Acronyms As Language.

The game is designed to teach the player how to create Word Acronym Sentences and utilize the positive power of language.

As a player practices and become more proficient, the words he/she reads and speaks take on REAAL meaning; the positive meaning they themselves have given them.

The Stork

The STORK Has Arrived

Stance Theory Kinetics is a Muscle-twitch Exercise Discipline that was conceived from the beneficial forms of biomechanics used in advanced athletic training regimens and put them into a single form: The Stork

The STORK Holistic Body Workout.

Anaerobic, Aerobic, Conditioning, Core, Cut, Shape, Firm, Trim, Strength, Stretch, Balance, Endurance, Flexibility and Speed.

No Impact - No Weights - No Machines - No Gym - No Money - No Time?

All you have to do is Stand.

The STORK will teach you how.


Nature's Way Fitness in association with The Rose of Education is recruiting elite athletes to be the first STORK Trainers.

The STORK requires rigorous physical conditioning to master, and only serious or professional athletes should apply. However, in order not to miss any potential STORK Master, a STANDING contest is being officially announced.

The Rules:

The Complete 160 Stand and Squat

10 full squats to parallel

10 pulse squats at parallel

5 half squats from parallel

10 pulse squats at parallel

5 half squats from parallel

4 Sets


1 leg

Each leg

btw - each set must be performed in a completely different position.


Any person over the age of 18 who is able to STAND the longest will be considered for training as a STORK Cadet.

Please send an email with your name and background, along with the url link to a YouTube, or other, video of your Time Spent Standing to:

The videos will be collected and posted on The Rose of Education's re-designed website, currently under development.

Our goal is to have STORK Trainers in every city that will be available to teach the exercise for Free,in communities most in need.

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