The Rose of Education

The question, or more often the complaint heard is, "Where are the Mentors?"

The Rose of Education intends to send the message: The Waiting is over.

The Super 'Men & Women' are here, have been and are all around us. They are serving and are ready to serve, to an even greater extent, in the all the areas where they are needed most.

The Rose of Education is focused on using technology to empower, enrich and uplift individuals and their families, in every community, by giving them ready access to all the positive and helpful advice, education, information and instruction they need - Whatever That may be.

From all the Mentors who provide it - Wherever They may be.

We will support and promote Education and Educators of all kinds.

We will do our part to give due honor to Teachers everywhere, until Teachers are honored - Everywhere.

The Rose of Education Organization, Inc.